How to Start a Small Business from Your Garage

How to Start a Small Business from Your Garage

Research has shown that most homeowners across the world use their garages as a place for clutter and storing stuff they don’t use regularly. However, utilizing the garage space for your small business idea is a brilliant and viable business move. The startup stage of a business doesn’t require too much space after all, and you don’t have a lot of overhead expenses to worry about. Here are guidelines on how to start a small business from your garage:

1) Location

It’s important to note that your home is in a residential area where you have several residential regulations and rules to be observed. Therefore, you ought to know your startup business’s location well before initiating the first ‘baby’ steps. Determine how you will be receiving the raw materials for manufacturing your product and how the final commodity will be leaving your home for the target market. If you live in a rural area, then things may be easier than for people who live in gated communities. You should consider contacting your zoning community with your business ideas to understand more about the business opportunities allowed in that area.

2) Your neighbors

There is a chance your neighbors might not be excited by your startup business idea as you are! If you production processes won’t be noisy and disturbing to the neighbors then you can mind your own business and ensure the garage door is closed at all times. You can carry out minor renovation projects on your garage to make sure you make it a comfortable working environment. If possible, you can also avoid heavy business traffic to your property.

3) Create space

Make certain there is enough space to accommodate your working area and inventory so as to avoid spillage to your basement. A lot of clutter or raw materials all over your basement will raise concerns and neighbors might file a complaint. If possible, you can keep the garage and the home separate by partitioning where necessary. Envision the entire production process in order to evaluate and determine the amount of space needed to produce the product. You can make markings using a sidewalk chalk so that you get a clearer picture of your production space after emptying the garage space.

4) Technology

Your garage organizational ideas will not be complete if you don’t get creative and incorporate the utilization of technology. For instance, you don’t have to create a space for a receptionist but alternatively, hire a message service to be answering your toll-free number calls before rerouting them to your mobile phone. Your potential and existing customers will be answered by a live person before they are put on hold for you. That is a good indicator that you are on the right track of technology and respect your customers.

Also, remember to use internet platforms like blogging and social media services. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer a big opportunity to give your clients reliable customer support at all times. Use legitimate software for printing labels and remember to purchase postage online. If you’re short of capital, it’s a good idea to seek government grants for small businesses from the State to facilitate such expansion plans.

5) Decide when to expand

If you can efficiently deliver by working with a small space, then you’ll do more with a bigger space. If you realize that you have achieved your sales goals, then it’s time to build a good team and expand your business into a commercial area or move to a new space that can allow you to produce more to satisfy your widening customer base.


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