5 Important Things You Need to Start a Small Business

5 Important Things You Need to Start a Small Business

Creative entrepreneurs start up new businesses all the time. In fact, thousands of new companies open their doors each year. However, a sobering fact is that two-thirds of those companies will not survive for three years. The biggest challenge is lack of planning. Without careful forethought, a company can soon be facing unexpected problems that will put it out of business. The following tips have helped many to start and maintain a successful small business.

Business plan.

A business plan can be simple or complex, depending on the nature of the enterprise. Basically, it is a document that describes all aspects of the company, including mission statement, goals, vision, employees, funding, and various types of support, such as mentors and technical help. The plan is often used to secure business loans from a reputable lender and to explain the business to potential investors or a board of directors.


Every company needs a budget that balances expenses with income. Although many figures at first may be estimated rather than exact, the accounting spreadsheet lays out the planned expenditures as well as the actual versus anticipated earnings and profit. Line items need to be established and adjusted periodically, typically on a quarterly basis, based on the company’s performance.

Marketing plan.

A government grants for small businesses marketing plan will guide the promotional and advertising efforts of the company to reach the target market. A marketing budget is set, along with the preferred media for reaching the desired customers. Outreach may include print, radio, television, Web, email, and social media. The company owner might participate in community activities and perhaps support or sponsor local sports teams and school projects to become a visible and respected member of the community.

Quality products.

Companies that want to be successful for the long haul should sell good quality products and services. Cheap wares will quickly alert customers that the business is not worth supporting, and the word will spread to others. It is important to find ways to market the unique or special aspect of the company’s product, whether it be low cost, convenience, healthy alternative, or lifestyle luxury.

Market niche.

Rather than market to the community at large, it is better to focus on prospective customers who are most likely to be interested in the product. For example, sports equipment may be used by people of all ages for a variety of reasons. But marketing sports gear to school-age athletes will attract that segment of the population in particular, especially if there are few similar companies in the area.

Starting a government grants for small businesses can be an exciting and fulfilling venture. Following tips like those above can increase the likelihood of a prosperous outcome.


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