5 of the Best Small Business Tips

5 of the Best Small Business Tips

1. Talk with other business owners who run a similar business to your own

They may know more about government grants for small businesses. Find out what is working for them, and don’t be shy about sharing with them the successes you have made. There are enough customers to go around. Network with everyone you meet, including your customers. You never know who you might come across. Always have a business card to hand out or a story to tell. People will remember you and want to visit your business more often. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and participate in as many gatherings as you can manage. Getting to know other business owners in your community can help you enormously.

2. Market your business in places your customers will find you

Every business owner knows they need to market their business, but where? Marketing can be especially expensive. With social media as the newest platform, it is easy to post something every day that your customers can use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others can help you gain popularity within your demographic, and allow you to advertise specials daily if you wanted to. Pay attention to which platforms work best, and focus on them. You can also use your local newspapers, news stations, local radio stations, and even local businesses that may want to advertise your business, to their customers, for a trade of some kind. Keep marketing fun, for you and your customers, and they will want to look for more of what you have to offer.

3. Whatever you do, do not give up on your business

The first few years are always hard for new businesses. Plan, monetarily, for your business to be slow for the first couple of years. If you have a few great months, save your money for the months that could be slow. Always put back into your business. Learn to live frugally for a few years, waiting for your business to flourish. Find people to surround yourself with who can offer advice and positive feedback to any doubts you might be feeling. There can be people close to you who may doubt your dream of making your business a success, and you’ll have to reassure them, without allowing for their negativity to affect your decision making. Learn more about government grants for small businesses.

4. Ask your customers what they think about their experience in your establishment

There is no better way to find out how you are doing than from your customers themselves. Take their opinions to heart, without taking offense. These are the people you would like to return over and over again. Offer your customers something for their opinion, even if it is a coupon or piece of candy. Let them know you want to make improvements for them, and you are listening to their needs. The next time they come in, ask them what they think of the changes you have made. This will create a stronger relationship between yourself and your very necessary clientele.

5. Be Grateful for every customer that walks through your door and for every opportunity that comes your way

It is easy to become pessimistic when you only have a handful of customers each day, but instead of looking at the glass half empty, remind yourself that a few customers is better than no customers. Look for ways to show your appreciation to your customers. You can do this by sending hand written notes, a display of fresh flowers inside of your establishment every week, incredible customer service each and every time, etc.. Your business will flourish with gratitude, hard work, and a positive attitude.


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