4 Ways for Developing Your Small Biz Employees With Good Video Content

4 Ways for Developing Your Small Biz Employees With Good Video Content

When we look around the business world, we see a variety of business owners. Some are clearly blessed with a background in their industry before they start their business. Others have business-related skills from other industries (or government grants for small businesses to get them started), and they can think on their feet and launch their enterprise. Whatever their level of experience is, they get through those first few bumps of launching a business. The best business owners can apply their business skills to new situations. They will hope that they can train their employees to act as they would in different scenarios as well. If you own a business, we hope you will enjoy these 4 ways to develop your employees through good video content:

1. Face a new set of challenges.
Being the leader means that you have a new set of challenges. Suddenly, you are challenged to get your employees to respond as you would in different situations. You could work with a video production firm to create a good training video, which would definitely help your employees understand your expectations.

2. Use videos to teach policies and procedures.
As your company grows, you will also find that you cannot possibly be at your business location all of the time. You cannot be available to advise what to do in every situation. This makes it imperative that your training content, especially employee learning videos, will teach employees what they should do. They may not always respond exactly as you would, but they can have a good idea of what you might do.

3. Make videos interesting and interactive.
Some employees will watch your training videos having already a wealth of experience to draw upon. They have been working for your company for a while. Others will be brand new or relatively new to the company. They will have less background experience from which to draw. Both types of employees will be in the viewing audience, and they will need to be entertained or informed by material that doesn’t put them to sleep.

4. Plan appropriate follow-up activities.
When an employee watches a video, it provides one context (or perhaps several in sequence) for how information or skills should be applied. Employees also need opportunities to apply what they’ve learned from a video on their own. You could do this by giving employees scenarios to work through in small groups, with a partner, or by themselves. The idea is to get them to take actions based on a scenario but with that new learning they just acquired.

Growing your enterprise with government grants for small businesses is pretty exciting, but it also means adding more employees. The more employees that are added, the farther you are away from the work that each individual does. This means, for example, that clients are interacting with people who aren’t you. Because you can’t clone yourself, you need great training tools. If you will use videos for employees to become better at their jobs, be sure to try some of those points discussed above, always with your personal take on the subject factored into the content. When you set expectations for employees, you should give them a chance to do their jobs. Hopefully, you’ve pointed them in the right direction!


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